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Celery Is One Type of Produce Your Teeth Benefit from When You Eat It

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Ranches Family Dental
Celery Is One Type of Produce Your Teeth Benefit from When You Eat ItCelery, a crunchy vegetable, is an important food as far as dental health is concerned. These vegetables contain high water content, vitamins, and mineral content beneficial to the teeth. The high water content stimulates salivary flow in the mouth. Celery contains calcium, which strengthens teeth, and vitamins A, which protect the teeth from loosening. It also has immunity-boosting vitamin C, which is useful in keeping gum disease at bay. Besides its nutritional value, celery is good for exercising teeth, given its high fiber content. It also has antioxidants that protect the mouth from inflammation.

Exercise for Teeth

Celery's crunchiness will require you to chew it longer before swallowing. Chewing celery massages the gum and stimulates salivary flow in the mouth. Saliva is useful in the mouth as a cleaning agent and will flush food particles and bacteria for a healthy mouth. Also, saliva neutralizes mouth acidity. An alkaline environment slows down bacterial activity; hence, keeps tooth decay at bay. This environment also prevents enamel wear caused by acidity. Salivary flow is also useful in eliminating bad breath caused by mouth dryness. Finally, chewing celery presses it against your teeth surfaces. This action cleans the tooth surfaces making it a natural toothbrush.


Besides being nutritious, celery is rich in non-starch polysaccharides, which act as antioxidants protecting the mouth from inflammation. The benefit of non-starch polysaccharides is that their breakdown will not produce sugars, which are food for bacteria. Therefore, consuming celery deprives cavity-causing bacteria of food, slowing down their activity. Its salts provide healing to oral wounds and kill harmful bacteria in the mouth. Given the above benefits of celery, you should consider taking it raw in salads or blend it in your smoothies if you cannot cope with its taste. For more details on the health benefits of celery, contact our office today.
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